PL/PDF Template Engine

With the PL/PDF Template Engine you can create the Oracle reports of your dreams. You don't even need to have PL/SQL knowledge as the report layout can be created in MS Word and the tags can be added later by a Database professional.

The Template Engine Reporting Process

Quick and Easy


Create a template in Microsoft Word

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2.Data Model

Create your data sources in PL/SQL

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Merge them with the PL/PDF Reporter

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Execute the merged code as a simple PL/SQL program

Core benefits

Separated Placeholders

The PL/PDF Template Engine uses MS Word Content Control items, in which the user can switch visibility on/off. When the control items are switched off the layout of the report contains the visible items only.

Easy as pie

You can think that using the PL/PDF Template Engine must be difficult but it sure isn't. You don't even need to have PL/SQL knowledge to create your layout as the reporting tags can be added later.

Separated Data and Layout

Your layout and data model are created separately. You don't have to create templates for every data model, therefore your Oracle reporting will become much faster.