PL/PDF Toolkit

PL/PDF Toolkit is a PDF document manipulation component that enables Oracle PL/SQL developers to manage existing PDF files. PL/PDF is perfect for creating new PDF files; however, developers often need to edit already existing PDF documents. PL/PDF Toolkit allows them to do just that. PL/PDF Toolkit allows developers to create powerful applications for merging data directly into PDF documents as well as for updating and managing PDF documents.

Core features

PDF Encrpytion/Decryption

Merging PDF documents

Export and Import PDF form (AcroForm) data

Stamp content or watermark into a PDF document

PDF Metadata manipulation

Digital Signature to PDF

Other features:

  • Extraction of text from PDF
  • Replacement of URLs in a PDF document
  • Extract pages to a new PDF
  • Get number of pages
  • Compress JPG images in PDF