About Us

Our profile

We offer complex services in the fields of information technology, finance and insurance primarily to institutions and enterprises of the financial sector.
Based on the knowledge, expertise and experience gained over the past years, we offer elaborate, process-oriented solutions in line with today's quality expectations.
However, our expertise is not limited to IT. Our proposals are prepared based on our knowledge in economics, business management and quality management, taking our clients' modes of operation into consideration.
The increasingly complex systems pose such challenges to their users that necessitate an active involvement of a specialized company. Customized to the demands, we offer long-lasting, reliable, high quality and cost-efficient solution proposals.

Our competences

Data warehouse and BI competences, PDF innovations

  • Implementation of a system for measuring and handling market risks and related consulting
  • Business intelligence solutions
  • Oracle reporting and multiple PDF creation and storage
  • Design and launching of PDF-based document systems
  • Analysis and launching of e-invoicing
  • Converting paper based working processes into electronic version
  • Cost reduction related to printing through the use of PDF
  • Efficiency analysis of Oracle databases and data warehouses
  • Detection of structural and architectural problems of databases
  • Quality management and audit of Oracle developments

Project Management

  • IT project management
  • Technical project management in the fields of insurance and finance
  • Project planning and scheduling with established project management methodologies

PL/PDF Software

  • PL/PDF has revolutionized the PDF-based market in a unique manner. Our developers are able to create dynamic documents from an Oracle data base with the help of the PL/SQL programming language.