Remote Report Development

The PL/PDF Reporter is a great Reporting solution in itself, but we know that the loads of time you save using the tool is still not always enough. That's exactly why we offer our services for remote report development. Save more time and some of your nerves with our cost-efficient solution!

What do we need from you?

  • Create a Layout in MS Word, or send us a DOCX/PDF file with the desired result, so we will know exactly how you want your reports to turn out.
  • Fill in the layout file with the needed expressions, send us your database's description, or you can give us access to your database. *privacy policy
  • Run the code you receive from us in your own PL/PDF Reporter tool and enjoy your reports.

That's all!

Why is it good for you?

It's fast

With all of your day's work creating the report processes can become slower. With our remote reporting solution you won't have time to drink your morning coffee, before we send you the ready-to-run PL/PDF Reporter code. Just run the code in your PL/PDF Reporter and enjoy your report generation with lightning speed.

It's cost efficient

Our offers are tailored for your needs with our usual top price-value rates. Our customers always receive offers according to their desired results, you won't pay for anything you didn't ask for.

It's easy for you

Why would you spend your valuable time with the reporting process when we can do it for you? We don't use any 3rd party products, so we can solve every problem in seconds. Leave the dirty job to us and enjoy the fruit of our labor.

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