PL/SQL Reporting Method

With the PL/SQL Reporting Method gives you the greatest flexibility in your Oracle Reporting while keeping it user friendly. You don't need to worry about additional programming languages as there are nothing other than the good old PL/SQL. Use your PL/SQL knowledge to create the reports you imagined in your head.

  • Native PL/SQL implementation - PL/PDF is a collection of PL/SQL packages to create PDF/XLSX/DOCX documents directly from your PL/SQL program without having to install third party drivers or software.
  • As Secure as the Oracle database - Oracle has delivered the industry's most advanced technology to safeguard data at the source - the database.
  • Easy to Use There is no need to learn Java/PHP/C/, you can focus on implementing your business needs instead of fighting with three different programming languages.
  • Highest Quality, Reliability and Robustness - Many customers turn to us after having tried other PDF components unsuccessfully, which seemed to work upon first evaluation, but failed at more complex tasks. PL/PDF is a reliable and robust, high-quality library ensuring that you will have fantastic results all the way.
  • Top Performance - With advanced algorithms such as incremental writing and built-in multithreading, coupled with native code efficiency, PL/PDF is the ideal choice for both high-traffic, scalable databases as well as for interactive applications. For a quick test of the library's PDF processing performance, simply download and run one of our demos.
  • Guaranteed value for money - The best way to measure the success of our PL/PDF is the year-on-year growth in sales. This is not thanks to an inflated pricing structure, but rather a customer-oriented approach, in line with expectations and the current world’s financial climate. Our focus has always been to produce the best possible solutions!
  • Independence - Because the PL/PDF component is delivered as PL/SQL packages without any dependencies on third-party components, your project just needs a single assembly reference for all your PDF needs.
  • Customer-Driven Development - At PL/PDF, we are committed to providing the best PDF Library on the market therefore we take all enhancement and new functionality requests seriously, while closely following emerging market trends to make sure our customers stand out of the crowd.
  • Unparalleled Customer Support - To your questions usually the day you ask them.
  • Taste-Test - the proof is in the pudding! - We encourage all potential customers to test our fully functional trial version. There is no 30-day Trial period. If the PL/PDF meets your needs and you decide to join our fast-growing community of users, we would be happy to welcome you.
  • Rigorous quality; vigorous attention to detail. - Having been active programmers for the better part of 10 years, developing, selling successful products and continuously fine-tuning reliable products, we can safely claim that our one true virtue is: A passion for PDF!
  • Focus on the future - We have a strongly committed, forward-looking approach to our passion! Our customer's changing needs and expectations are always valued, and we appreciate all feedback. We put it in the mix and come up with newer, better solutions...staying ahead of the curve.
  • Infinite potential - The range of functionality today in PDF solutions is truly remarkable. Everything from building a desktop application that creates, merges and splits PDFs or to building a server application, which generates PDF reports from your Oracle database and much more!