Most of the companies these days have to deal with a great amount of data and information, which in some cases can easily be a headache. More and more experts recognize this as a burning issue and trying to come up with a usable solution for managing large databases. The motivation behind founding PL/PDF was no exception.

PL/PDF offers a solution for generating reports and much more from your Oracle database, making it as easy for companies as it has never been before.

PL/PDF is the only machete you need in the Oracle Reporting Jungle. You might be wondering what is essential for you to know in order to use PL/PDF. With some PL/SQL knowledge you have all the assets in your hand to fully enjoy every feature PL/PDF provides you. There is no need to battle with more than one programming language due to the fact that all parts of PL/PDF software are implemented in native Oracle PL/SQL.

One of the first things you will notice using the PL/PDF products is that you generate reports faster than ever. I will tell you why! Your layout and data model are created separately, so you don't have to create layouts for every data model, hence you get what you want quite fast.

The PL/PDF Products

There are 2 different products plus 1 licensing option of PL/PDF which can make a company's reporting tasks a lot smoother, simpler and easier.

The first one goes with the simple yet informative name of PL/PDF. It is the only PDF Creator that every business operating with Oracle databases should use. With its template engine and a general PL/SQL knowledge this software will create PDF reports which previously existed only in your dreams.

The second product you should get familiar with is the PL/OFFX. In order to use this MS Office file generator there is no surprise in what you need. Yes, PL/SQL knowledge again. We haven't really had the chance to work with a better product for creating and processing XLSX sheets and generating DOCX reports than this one.

Last but not least, PL/PDF Reporter is the licencing option, waiting for you to use when there is an urgent need for generating reports on three servers and modifying PDF files. With the help of the PL/PDF Reporter you can generate PDF, DOCX and XLSX files as well as processing XLSX sheets into your Oracle database. It is quite an all in one solution for Oracle reporting.

Let's see how the reporting process works!

  • First you create the template you want in MS Word.
  • Then comes the point when you need to use your PL/SQL knowledge: creating your data sources using the mentioned programming language.
  • Step three: merge them!
  • Finally, execute the merged code as a simple PL/SQL program.

As simple as it is.
The company's motto says 'Oracle reporting made simple' which happens to be true.